Planning A Caribbean Vacation

Anyone contemplating an island based holiday in the Caribbean faces a little bit of a quandary in so much as there are just so many sunny islands and sandy beaches to choose from. The Caribbean may not be a major ocean but it certainly has a wide choice of island nations for us to visit.

Step 1 – Plan The Place

Some places are a single island destination but others are made up of groups of several islands so you need to be fairly specific in this step. Take the Virgin Islands for example; when Christopher Columbus “discovered” them in 1493 he saw so many islands of varying sizes that his thoughts turned to the legendary Saint Ursula and her 11,000 virgins. Even if you include every permanently exposed rock above sea level; there won’t be 11,000 islands. Between them, the Puerto Rico/Spanish Virgin Islands; the Virgin Islands of the United States and the British Virgin Islands (BVI) might only number in the hundreds – nevertheless, there are a lot of islands. So; rather than think Virgin islands, you should think Tortola (the main BVI island for example).

If You Choose Tortola; What Is Step 2?

How to get there? Assuming that you are not looking at a cruise ship; where is the nearest international airport? Tortola can be reached from the main BVI airport on Beef Island via a road bridge connection; local flights and ferries also connect from the US Virgin Islands.

Step 3 – Money

For any of the Virgin Islands, the US $ is the official currency; so, your vacation won’t suffer from complicated money exchanges.

Step 4 – Where To stay?

Basically, you need to decide between the simple but somewhat faceless option of staying in a hotel or resort; or, the alternative of having a more individualized vacation. To be more self reliant and have more freedom of choice in what you do; when you do it and where you do it; you could consider chartering a yacht (with a skipper or self sail). If you do not fancy the sea life that much; then you can look into the likes of house, cottage or BVI Villa Rental for the duration of your stay.

Step 5

Fix the date; make the booking then depart and enjoy.

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