Plan Your Wedding and Reception with Atlanta Event Center at Opera

If you are ready to take center stage and enjoy an elegant wedding and reception then it is time to start planning. The right venue is Atlanta Event Center at Opera. It is there that you will find the best furnishings and elegance that you crave. You will feel amazing as you say your vows in front of your guests and then enjoy your reception. Further, everything can be handled at the same location. Nothing could be easier to do and no other venue has the atmosphere that will make you feel like a princess.

What theme will be using for your wedding? For example, some brides chose a beach theme. Though you are indoors, you can still have the decor done to compliment your theme and wedding colors. Further, the venue has a list of preferred vendors that can help you. For example, you can get help with planning hiring a professional decorator. Further, do not forget to hire a wedding photographer too. You will want to have professional photographs of the event to hang on your wall. Though your guests may bring their own camera, there is nothing better than a professional image of you and your groom together.

When it comes to music, a DJ is a must. He will have the resources to ensure that your music selections are played. Further, he will have the professional experience needed to ensure that everyone is dancing and having an amazing time. The reception planning does not end there. Do not miss this. The catering is done on-site. You will have several options to consider. Do not be afraid to ask for menu samples. By asking for samples, you will ensure that your food choices will meet your expectations. As well, it is wise to ask about drinks at the same time you are sampling. You need to make sure that your guests have all the refreshments that they need.

Once the wedding and reception is over, you will be happy that you took the time to plan your event in advance. Further, you will have the images of the event that you will treasure. Start planning today.

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