Plan the Wedding of Your Dreams With Memorable Outdoor Venues and More

Get the Best Wedding Services and Venues

Become a unit owner to experience one of the most beautiful Lake Geneva wedding locations. This amazing land is a popular place that provides some of the best outdoor wedding and banquet facilities. Individuals who appreciate natural weddings will love the beauty of this place. There are also indoor accommodations that can be made.

This country club has excelled in providing newlyweds with an ultimate experience that they’ll remember for the rest of their lives. There are also amenities available that make this location a five-star selection. Your guests can have lots of opportunities to bond and make memorable moments on your special day.

Menu Packages Available That Suit Your Tastes

There are versatile menu options available that are designed to accommodate your particular eating request. They believe that guests should not be limited to particular foods that were chosen as the food for the day.

This country club listens to particular requests and details. They value their customers’ experiences by trying to give them a heartwarming event that reminds them of everything that they love. Guests can expect to have a dedicated staff that is willing to observe, listen, and help them make the wedding of their dreams come true.

Call Today to Book the Best Location for Your Wedding

Contact Abbey Springs Country Club today to experience Lake Geneva wedding locations that put your wedding needs and preferences first. You can be presented with a variety of different settings like the yacht club, a lakeside picnic tent, the main clubhouse, and more.

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