Pipe Repair and replacement often take place near the fixture

Most plumbing problems that end up needing pipe repair or replacement take place near a fixture such as a sink or tub. There are other times when pipes sweat, freeze and otherwise make odd noises when you have to call for plumbing repair in Gainesville GA.

Although not all leaking pipes will result in a flood in your home, some can and that becomes a major problem. Regardless of how bad the leak is it must be repaired; if it is little more than a slow drip showing at a pipe joint it might be stopped with a quarter turn on the joint, if the leak is actually a failed pipe then of course, the length of pipe must be replaced. Although replacing a section of pipe sounds simple enough, it is a lot harder than you think; especially if the pipe is threaded. As you turn the pipe at one end to unscrew it from the fitting, it attempts to screw itself into the fitting at the other end; if the pipe is copper it must be soldered.

This type of plumbing repair in Gainesville GA is something that is best done by a qualified plumber. Some homeowners keep a patch type repair kit around the house that will serve as a makeshift solution until the plumber arrives but these kits are only temporary solutions.

Often a pipe will start banging, this type of problem is usually quite simple to solve. This phenomenon of banging pipes is technically known as “water hammer” but his is only one reason why pipes can and do bang. If the only time you hear the pipes banging is when the water of a given faucet is turned on and off the chances is that the pipe is hitting against some solid object, in many cases the wall. This is a reasonably simple problem to solve if the pipe is visible; this is not necessarily the case when the pipe is behind the drywall. The best way to solve this problem of course is to call the plumber but if the offending pipe is visible the banging can quite often be cured by wedging a shim or small block of wood between the pipe and the wall and then fix the pipe to the shim, if the problem is behind the wall it is possible to silence the banging by placing a small piece of foam rubber where the pipe enters and again exits the wall.

Pipes do fail over time and when they do it is time to consider not only replacing the failed pipe but the entire system. High-quality pipe replacement and plumbing repair in Gainesville GA is the hallmark of the Experts at Fortune Plumbing.

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