Pick out premier and authorized Generac Generator installer In New Jersey

by | Sep 11, 2018 | Electricians

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We are one of only power premier dealerships
Welcome to one of only power premier dealerships! We do our business in Monroe Township, New Jersey since 1921 as the 4th generation of electrical contractors! We have been installing and maintaining all phases of electrical work ever since! Be sure that no project is too large or too small to take on for our highly trained technicians equipped with Danley’s knowledge from over 90 years in the industry; these professionals specialize in Generator Repair can guide you the generators best suited for your home.

Pick out fully certified and licensed installers
When you come to us, you can expect only the highest quality service from start to finish because we are W. Danley Electrical Contracting. We install and maintain residential, industrial, and commercial electrical work. We handle all of the permits and zoning applications. We offer maintenance contracts, certified warranty repair, financing, and have parts and accessories on hand. Our installers are fully certified and licensed. We are one of New Jersey’s only power pro premier Generac generator dealers, and much, much more…

We provide both residential and commercial generator options
Reliable Generator Repair and generator installation in New Jersey is critical to guarantee safety and prime operation. Picking a location for a standby generator is frequently straightforward, but there are contributing elements you wish to consider. That’s why it is critical to have a generator installed by the experts, and you can be sure that we are the one. As specialists in everything from residential backup generators to business standby generators to portable generators, we provide both residential and commercial generator options. Receive friendly service and old-fashion courtesy for your electrical work including service panel upgrades.

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