Pest Control in RI: Get Rid of Termites

Where there is one termite, there are sure to be hundreds or even thousands more. These are insects that live in colonies, and when they infest a home, they do it in large numbers. One termite may not be able to do a lot of damage by itself, but an infestation can lead to a lot of serious problems around the home, including structural damage. This damage may not even be noticed for a while, but when it is noticed, it is important to take care of the problem immediately. The termites must be eliminated, and any damage they have caused needs to be repaired. Believe it or not, damage caused by termites in the US alone can add up to $5 billion in property damage each year.

The main thing that termites eat is cellulose, and they prefer the cellulose in wood. Because homes have wood frames as well as other wood in the building materials, they are some of the best food sources for these annoying insects. Once they get inside the home, they will attack any wooden objects, including furniture, and they will even eat their way through books. The termites eat wood by removing the cellulose, which they bring back to their colonies. What is left is a hole in the wood. If there are signs of termite holes around a home, it is time to call in the experts in pest control in RI.

Termites live beneath the ground, and travel through tunnels to their food sources. They can go as far as 400 feet away from their colonies to find the food they need to survive, which they can easily get to through any openings in a home, such as cracks in the foundation, or where wires or pipes are fitted. There are many different termites in a colony, and the workers, which are blind and sterile, are the ones that do the most damage.

When home owners need pest control in RI for termites and other pest problems, they call in the experts at Guaranty Pest Elimination. Other services offered include getting rid of bedbugs and other pests, as well as advice on how to keep pests from coming back.

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