Personal Injury Attorneys in Harford County MD Gives Do’s and Don’ts

Whether an individual has slipped and fallen on a wet floor in a restaurant or has been hurt in a car accident, an experienced Personal Injury Attorneys in Harford County MD can help soften the financial blow of the injuries. Keep in mind, the ability to collect compensation and having a strong case will rely a great deal on the actions of the injured party. Here are some important dos and don’ts to follow if the need to file a personal injury claim should arise.


While at the scene of the accident, if physically able, collect as much information and evidence as possible. Things like the names and contact information of witnesses, photos of the vehicles involved and anything that contributed to the accident and injury. Even if there are no visible injuries, see a doctor immediately. Many times, the pain doesn’t start until later in the day or will even manifest a few days later. The medical records will be what will link the injuries to the accident. Also, be sure and speak to a Personal Injury Attorneys in Harford County MD before accepting a settlement. This is the best way to ensure that the maximum award is given for the injuries.


No matter what, never apologize for an accident occurring. It is best to speak to the other driver is little as possible and avoid making any type of statements. Anything said can be used later and work against your case. Many people involved in an accident are approached by the other party’s insurance company immediately with an offer. Again, never accept the offer without first speaking to an attorney. The initial offer will more than likely not even be enough to cover the medical expenses, much less anything else that comes of the accident.

The Law Offices of Markey & Orsi have the resources and experience in personal injury cases to help get the compensation deserved. Take action and get their aggressive lawyers by your side. Dealing with insurance companies is something they do on a routine basis. Visit and schedule a consultation at one of their two locations.

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