Parking Lot Maintenance Services from Concrete Contractors Near Champaign, Illinois

If you own a business with a parking lot, it’s important to keep it in good shape. Not only can a badly-maintained parking lot reflect poorly on your business but it can cause damage to your customers’ cars. Here are three maintenance tips to keep a concrete parking lot in good repair.

Frequently Check Lot

To keep the parking lot of your business in good shape and prevent costly repairs, you should check it frequently. As you’re sweeping it, check for cracks, holes, and bird baths, which are small dips in the surface of a parking lot that are so named because birds will bathe in them if they retain water. If you spot any issues, contact concrete contractors near Champaign, Illinois to get estimates for repairs.

Keep it Clean

To keep the parking lot looking its best and prevent damage to cars, you should sweep it frequently. Remove debris, rocks, leaves, and dirt so that it looks better and keeps from clogging the drains in the lot. Concrete contractors can also help you extend the life of your parking lot by repairing small cracks, holes, or small bird baths so they don’t get worse.

Change Patterns

It is important that the stripes defining parking spaces and crosswalks are easy to see but the design of the parking lot should be changed every few years. Creating a new layout for the parking lot can help prolong the life of the concrete surface and customers may like the change. If you need to find a contractor that can stripe your lot, go to for more information.

A parking lot that is in bad shape can keep customers away because it may look as if the business is not open. Fortunately, concrete contractors can help get your lot in shape and keep it in good repair.

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