Oven Problems? Get Experienced Repair Service

You’re all but ready to prepare for dinner, with your ingredients laid out on the counter, your apron on, and your favorite cooking show starting. But when you turn on your oven, it doesn’t heat up. How do you deal with the potential disaster? Here’s what you can do.

Check the circuit breaker

Knowledge of simple troubleshooting tips can help you a lot in this situation. Before you call for help, check the circuit breaker, The Spruce says. Your oven might also have its own breaker or could be using a common breaker shared by many of the small appliances in your kitchen.

Check the igniter

Turn off the circuit breaker to your oven before you do this. Take a look t the oven light to make sure the power is cut off before you start removing the oven racks and the metal plate at the bottom before you can get to the gas burner and ignitor. If there’s discoloration on the coil, that could mean a failed igniter. Replace it with a new one.

Order a new part

Replacing the igniter with a new one should be easy enough. However, you’ll need to order the part in advance. Be sure to get the serial number and model number of the oven before you put in an order for the part.

Get help

If the igniter isn’t the issue, though, and you’re at a loss as to why your oven isn’t turning on anymore, it might be best to call for oven repair service in New Orleans. If you know next to nothing about doing repairs, then leave the problem to the experts.

Ask questions

Look for seasoned technicians when you hire an oven repair service in New Orleans. How much experience do they have? What kind of training? Have they done repairs to the same oven models in the past? Ask and find out.

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