Outdoor Casual Furniture – The Breezesta Counter Collection

When the weather cools down and stormy wintery weather is on its way, do you have to pack away your furniture? Do you have to diligently tuck it out of site and the elements even though you know a nice day or two or even a week of good weather is going to surface between now and when inclement weather arrives for good? This, makes owning outdoor casual furniture an annoyance but having the Breezesta Counter Collection a pleasure.

What Is the Breezesta Counter Collection?

The Breezesta Counter Collection is a selection of several pieces of furniture that can grace your indoor environment as easily as they can the outdoor elements. The items of furniture include the following:

1. Round Counter-Height Tables at 26″ or more
2. Square Counter-Height Tables at 42″ or more
3. Counter Chairs –including Breezesta’s noted Captain Counter Chair in Ridgeline, Horizon or Skyline styles as well as the newer 4. Coastal Counter Chair
5. Stools – various styles

The larger tables come with an umbrella hole perfect for providing shade for those oh so sunny days. Your guests can enjoy the outdoors, sip a cold beverage, talk and be protected from the hot rays of the suns. There is room enough for several people to gather around the tables making it cozy but never crowded, unless you want it that way.

The entire collection is available in a myriad of delectable colors making the set not only affordable but also fashionable. Outdoor furniture does not need to look bland and the Breezesta Counter Collection accomplishes just that. It is, therefore easy to pick pieces that are affordable and create a unified color scheme or you can create your own rainbow by mixing and matching.

The comfort of each piece is remarkable but what the Breezesta Counter Collection is best known for is its durability and environmental friendly aspects.

Characteristics of the Breezesta Counter Collection

There is much to boast about with this furniture. All, including the Breezesta Counter Collection can state they are environmentally responsible. This is the result of their composition. Each furniture item is composed of material rescued from used plastic, in particular HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) milk jugs and water bottles. This is turned into what is termed poly lumber or poly wood by the company at their Lancaster, PA facilities. When the process of making the furniture is completed, the furniture is:

1. Durable
2. Relatively maintenance free
3. Environmentally sensitive – from start to finish
4. Recyclable
5. Resistant to fading caused by Ultra-Violet (UV) rays
6. Solid Color throughout its entirety – including the hardware

The final products are colorful, sturdy and completely friendly to children, animals and all living things. This is what this eco-friendly company aims for and accomplishes in all its products, including the laudable Breezesta Counter Collection

If you are looking for the best in quality outdoor furniture but want them to be both fashionable and environmentally friendly, your choice is clear. Look at the advantages of purchasing the Breezesta Counter Collection.

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