Ottawa Housing Tips: Installing a New Fence In Your Yard

There are many reasons an individual may want to install a new fence in or around their yard. For some they have small children or animals which they want to keep in the yard. For others they want to use fencing for privacy or security reasons. There is a wide variety of different fencing types to go with the different needs people may have for fencing. Ottawa fencing companies of high quality will have all sorts of different material and style options for you to choose from. Finding a good quality fencing company should not be too difficult as many fencing companies exist in Ottawa and many people will rave about their services online. This makes being a buyer much easier as you have many opinions to work off of when you are choosing a local fencing company to work with.

Things to Do Before Installing A Fence

When having a fence installed you simply cannot just put a fence wherever you want. Ottawa fencing companies must follow laws or else there company could have to pay fines or even be shut down. Here is a list of the residential laws, regarding fencing, that have been put in place (always double check your local area in case laws have changed and / or are different from other areas):

1. The Maximum Height of your fence must be no more than three and a half feet in the front yard and 7 feet anywhere else.
2. Fences must not have any sort of barbed wire or sharp edges and must not have any electric current going through it
3. There are standards that must be kept aesthetically for your fence as well. One law states that you must have the finished side of your fence facing the neighbours yard and street.

Knowing these and other laws will help make your fence building experience a much smoother and hassle free one.

Get the Quality Fence You Deserve

Regardless of your reason for putting up a fence, following everything you have read in this article will make you wonder why you did not go and do this a long time ago. If you live outside of the Ottawa area be sure to check your local bylaws, some places have different laws for fencing so check and see to make sure you are not planning anything that can get you in trouble.

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