Options In Saint Gobain Hoses

Saint Gobain is a leading producer in the field of developing products for fluid handling and management. This includes specific types of tubing, hoses, fittings and connectors that are used in the medical industry, the pharmaceutical production as well as in sanitary production in the food and beverage industries.

With their superior design and cutting edge technology, Saint Gobain hoses are often used in other applications as well. The company produces special products for applications that include high-pressure processes that standard hose types are not designed to handle. These are also hoses that can easily stand up to processing and liquid temperatures in this processing systems without compromising on their life cycle and durability.

Various Options to Consider

Each of the different options offered in Saint Gobain hoses will include the use of platinum cured silicone. These hoses are designed to be flexible and to resist splitting and cracking, a common issue with the extreme temperatures often required for sanitary production. They are also designed with ultra-smooth interiors to allow liquids to move easily through the system.

Reinforced hoses offer a very strong and durable design. These hoses can be braid reinforced, or they can also have multiple ply designs to increase durability. Most of the different types of hoses come in a variety of colors, allowing for quick and easy identification of different lines to prevent errors.

The Sanit-Tech® line of Saint Gobain hoses is specifically designed for high-pressure applications. It is very flexible, allowing the hose to be configured into any shape required for the system. It has been specially designed to add no taste or odor to liquids passing through the hose, plus is able to go through autoclaving or sterilization processes without any degradation of strength or durability.

Each of the different types of hoses produced by Saint Gobain has extensive field testing. These hoses can be found in facilities all over the globe and, while they are a bit more expensive than some options, they are an investment in quality and durability.

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