Options In Jodee Mastectomy Bras

For many women, one of the biggest challenges after breast cancer is to learn to feel good about their body again after a mastectomy. The first step in this process is to find the right bra to both provide comfort as well as to give a natural shape.

Jodee mastectomy bras are a very popular option for women of all ages. These bras all have little extra details that not only provide a great shape but also help women to address areas where they may have concerns, particularly in the period of time immediately after the mastectomy.

The Look

There are many different looks, styles and features found in Jodee mastectomy bras. They range from more of a sports bra look to a lacy and very feminine style. There are also specialized products that offer underarm padding and extended back support.

These bras come in a range of different colors, just as every quality bra will offer. Typical colors include black, ivory, beige, gray and a beautiful rich scarlet color. The bras may have lace accents and can be designed as a seamless bra, perfect to wear under clingy blouses or dresses or even with your t-shirts.

There are camisole type bras as well as true sports bras. This selection ensures that a woman and find her ideal bra style and design, helping her to feel confident no matter what she may choose to wear.

Closure Options

Often initially after a mastectomy, most women find that a front closure is an ideal option. This is easier to put on and take off and it is also easier to ensure that the forms are correctly placed until comfortable with the bras and the forms.

All of the Jodee mastectomy bras offer a cotton spandex pocket that is designed to hold a specific size of breast form. The combination of cotton and spandex holds the form securely in place while also keeping the skin cool under the form.

Additionally, these bras are designed not to ride up or move up the body. This is an important consideration as moving the arms and the upper body can lead to the bra shifting positions and sliding up the chest.

Designed to be comfortable, practical yet also beautiful the Jodee bras are an excellent choice for women immediately after a mastectomy or any time after the procedure. These bras are also reasonably priced, which is another benefit to choosing this line.

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