Options In A Harrington Chain Hoist

For small or large jobs that involve lifting equipment, supplies and materials, chain hoists offer a practical, durable and reliable lifting option. Harrington chain hoist models and designs are considered some of the best in the industry, and they are the go-to hoist for companies across the United States as well as internationally.

There are several different types of chain hoists offered by Harrington Hoists, Inc. Each one can be used for many different types of applications, and choosing the right hoist for the job makes lifting easier, safer and more efficient.

Manual Hoists

Manual chain hoists can operate on a lever system, which allows the user to simply pull and push the lever back and forth to advance the chain through the hoist and lift the load.

A hand Harrington chain hoist is operated by pulling down on the chain through the hoist, causing the load to lift. Both of these types of hoists use gear reductions to make lifting even heavier loads with ease.

All manual hoists can be operated in conditions that an electric hoist isn’t possible. Since they don’t require any power, other than manual power, they are practical additions for both indoor and outdoor use.

These types of hoists can be used with a trolley to both lift and move or they can be easily connected to a single point for a straight lift.

Electric Chain Hoists

When there are repetitive lifting needs, longer lifts when the combinations of lifts and movements are extensive, using an electric Harrington chain hoist provides the best option.

These hoists can be designed for small loads or large capacity lifting needs, and they come in a single phase or three phase type of system. As with the top models in manual hoists, smart limit features will prevent overloading the hoist.

With electric hoists, the movement of the hoist and along the trolley is very smooth and even when starting up and stopping. This tends to reduce the wear and tear on the system, which allows for a longer life for these types of hoists. Of course, regular maintenance and proper use of the hoist will also be critical factors for maximum life as well.

Not all electric hoists are designed for interior use. Harrington makes fully sealed hoist that can be used in all types of indoor environments, including those requiring wash down, as well as with outdoor environments where the hoist may be exposed to high humidity and rain.

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