Options for Dealing with a Cataract in Bay Springs, MS

After an eye examination, the professional informs the patient that a cataract has developed on one eye. Since cataracts affect visual acuity, the recommendation is to have it treated by a surgeon as soon as possible. Understanding the options currently available for dealing with a cataract in Bay Springs MS, will help the patient make the right choice. Here are examples of the more common solutions.


Considered the most basic way to deal with a Cataract in Bay Springs MS, this approach involves making a small incision and using ultrasound waves to break up the cataract. Once those pieces are vacuumed out, it is possible to insert a small lens that will help to protect the cornea and restore a higher level of visual acuity. This approach will work well when the cataract is caught in the earlier stages of development. In many instances, the entire process can be completed in around a half-hour. Since the incisions were so small, the recovery period will also require nothing more than a little rest.

Extracapsular Cataract Surgery

This particular approach is recommended when attempting to break up the cataract with the use of ultrasound is not sufficient. A large incision is required, since the goal is to loosen and lift the cataract from the eye, all in a single piece. Since this process is more invasive, it will take longer to manage. In addition, the incision must be closed. The result is a longer recuperative period, and the patient may notice some irritation and discomfort while the healing takes place. This can usually be managed with the aid of mild painkillers.

Intracapsular Surgery

This approach is more invasive than either of the other two options and is only used in the most extreme cases. The entire lens must be removed and then repositioned in order to take care of the problem. Additional stitching is required to ensure proper healing takes place. Since this approach is only used in the most extreme of cases, most patients will find that the surgeons do not even bring up the procedure at all.

For more information on cataract options, including what modern laser surgery can accomplish, talk with the team at Visit Lindstrom Eye & Laser Center today. It will not take long to settle on the right solution and have the procedure scheduled.

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