Optimum Temperature Settings for Central Air Conditioning in Rehoboth Beach DE

The ideal temperature setting for Central Air Conditioning in Rehoboth Beach DE is an ongoing debate among everyone from energy experts to people living in the same house. Those residents argue about which temperature is comfortable and how much money is being wasted on a lower setting. Generally, three thermostat settings for different periods of activity need to be considered.

Comfort in the House

People should aim for 78 degrees to be the lowest central air setting when people are home, according to Energy Star. For many individuals, this seems way too warm. If they currently keep the thermostat at 74 degrees, they might raise it one degree for a few days and see what happens. Running a ceiling fan or floor fan creates a cool breeze.

Electricity costs can be cut by three percent for every one-degree temperature increase. Typically, everyone gets used to the new setting and is ready to raise it a little higher.

When Nobody Is Home

One topic of debate involves whether it’s better to set the thermostat at a higher temperature when nobody is home. The experts say yes, but not to turn the system off altogether if the exterior temperature is expected to soar. Otherwise, if it takes so long for the unit to bring the air down to a comfortable temperature, the home’s residents will probably be annoyed. A setting of 84 degrees for Air Conditioning in Rehoboth Beach DE when everyone is gone is reasonable.

Sleep Time

Energy Star recommends turning the thermostat back up when it’s time for bed, but many people hate sleeping at those warm temperatures when they have the option of cool air. If they at least follow the other recommendations, they will cut their electricity costs and be able to feel comfortable in the house.

Technicians from a company such as Arctic Heating & Air Conditioning can provide additional suggestions for energy savings. For instance, changing the air filter regularly allows both the A/C and the furnace to move air freely through this device and not have to work as hard to do so. Please visit the website to learn more about this particular organization.

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