One of the Most Trusted Security Companies Savannah, GA, Has Today

You might feel overwhelmed when you have to select from the security companies Savannah, GA, contains. Let us put an end to your search, and introduce you to The Guardian Protective Services, Inc. Since 1992, we’ve provided top notch protection for people and properties, and we would be happy to do the same for you.
Our company concentrates on three areas of service: armed and unarmed security guards, private investigators and personal/executive protection. All of these services are adaptable to your needs, and available on a range of scales and within numerous situations. Among our many clients are health care facilities, universities, shopping centers, industrial centers, transportation facilities and more. From a large music event to an escort for your family, we can do it all.

Delivering Quality Service That Makes You Look Good

While we see our protective service as the priority, how we do it is essential. Unlike some of the other security companies Savannah, GA, can offer, we send you guards who are well groomed, clearly marked in clean uniforms and prepared to act with subtlety, discretion, respect and reliable judgment. We take our cues from you to determine which level of protection you need, and then provide it without misstep.

Going Beyond Standard Security

Perhaps you need surveillance for a commercial or private property. Our excellent systems use the latest technology, and come with our expert installation and maintenance. Sleep easier at night, and relax deeply on vacation, when you know that what you’ve left behind is in the best of hands.

Some of our clients are in situations that require investigation. The Guardian Protective Services, Inc. is part of a global network of private investigators, and will assist you with tracking down a person or asset, gathering information for a legal case or simply keeping an eye on a concerning situation. Even in the most sensitive situations, you can count on us.

Feel Safe Every Minute

Depending on where you’re going and what you’re doing, you may have an interest in an armed guard. Please understand that your security professional will posses the best training, and exercise reasonable judgment when it comes to a use of force. Our goal is to have you feel and be as safe as possible.

Contact The Guardian Today

We are among the leading security companies in Savannah, GA. It will be our honor to serve you. Please reach us by phone or email, or use the contact form on our website.

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