On Demand Storage Container in Long Island

Moving from one home to another is difficult at the best of times, it’s even worse if your new home is not ready for occupancy but your current home has to be turned over to the new owners. If your new home construction is held up for any reason then a storage container in Long island may be your solution.

When you arrange for a portable storage container in Long Island to be delivered, your possessions should be carefully packed which is vital to safe transport and space considerations. There a few packing tips that anyone considering storage of the goods may wish to take into account.

Portable storage containers in Long Island are a very safe environment for any and all of your belongings. Depending on the length of time your goods may be in storage there are ways to make packing the unit more efficient and effective.

Starting in the nose of the container, pack out of season items, then pack those items used infrequently and lastly pack things that you may need right up to moving day or things you may need access to if the storage is short of medium term. For your own sake, attempt to keep individual cartons to less than fifty pounds, this is not any limit imposed by the storage container in Long Island, it’s a limit that will make the loading less demanding on you. Make sure all items are well packed and cushioned against any accidental shock during the process and make sure cartons and other items are packed tightly which stops them from moving around.

A few common sense tips;

1. Pack similar items together, don’t pack delicate glassware with frying pans.
2. Keep items together that are used together such as curtain rods and their brackets.
3. Wind all cords tidy and fasten them so they do not trail.
4. When wrapping, use two or three layers of newspaper as an outer wrapper. Use clean tissue paper directly on the object; kitchen toweling is great for delicate items. For small items consider using colored paper so you will not miss them when unpacking.
5. To cushion the carton contents put three or four inches of wadded newspaper in the bottom as a shock absorber.
6. Put small boxes in a larger box, fill the voids with crumpled up paper.
7. Make sure the cartons are sealed tightly and taped securely.
8. Prepare a list of the box contents and either write directly onto the box or tape the printed list to the box.
When you load your storage container in Long Island assure that the load is packed securely and that it will not shift during transit.

When your container arrives in your new location remember to open the door carefully, no matter how many precautions you took when the storage container in Long Island was being packed, anything can shift and may fall towards you when opening the door.

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