Oil Tank Spills in New York City, NY : Why Tank Removal is a Job for the Professionals

Oil Tank Spills in New York City NY, are an environmental hazard that could result in damage to the surrounding soil, the poisoning of local water supplies, and cost the owner of the tank a lot of money. An old leaking tank is also spilling money into the ground, in the form of wasted fuel. If your home or business oil tank is reaching the end of its life, do not remove it on your own. Here are the reasons why this could be a potentially costly mistake.

Overestimating the Damage

One of the potential unnecessary expenses you could incur would be removing an intact and functional tank. Wear and tear and old age are not necessarily indicative of a tank that is no longer safe. A tank removal company can save you from this frustration by testing your tank before it is removed to see if any further steps are even necessary.

Mistakes are Expensive

If the tank is full, it will need to be properly emptied and vented to eliminate vapors in the tank. Without the appropriate equipment or following through with these necessary steps, you can easily have a spill. An oil spill requires specific steps to manage, including removal and appropriate disposal of the oil, treatment of surrounding soil, and the disposal of the tank itself. It can become a task which should end up with a final price tag of tens of thousands of dollars that may not be covered by any insurance plan.

It Could Affect Future Sales

Without the appropriate soil remediation and environmental procedures being performed, the land may be considered potentially hazardous. This can easily cost you a sale in the future, could hold up permits for site development, or many other types of hassles that could result in delays and expenses.

Hiring a professional tank inspection and removal service could save you thousands of dollars and countless headaches. It can also help to prevent future Oil Tank Spills in New York City NY. It is the most cost effective option and the best way to guarantee the land you own is safe for everyone. To learn more or to schedule an appointment for a tank testing contact protesttanks.com.

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