Nylon Powder Coating: Effective Protection For Diverse Products

Industries are constantly working at improving the ability of their components and their products to withstand their functional environment. At the same time, they are expected to be as environmentally responsible as possible. One way corporations can accomplish this is to utilize a nylon powder coating.

Nylon Powder Coatings: Basic Qualities

Nylon powder coatings do have an aesthetic quality; however, they are chosen more for functionality than looks. The application of nylon to a component enhances the qualities of the surface of the substrate metal it coats. By applying a nylon powder coating to parts, a finisher can provide specific aspects including:

* Excellent protection against corrosion

* Superior mechanical strength and elasticity

* Good heat resistance

* Effective chemical resistance against such things as fats, oils and saline solutions

* Protection against the forces promoting aging

* High wear and tear resistance

* Good sound and vibration absorption

* Exceptional resistance to stress cracking

* Low friction surface

Such properties make the use of nylon powder coatings suitable for a variety of applications.

Applications of Nylon Powder Coatings

The application of nylon powder coatings protects such metal substrates as aluminum and steel. It provides excellent protection for both interior and exterior uses. Their desirable qualities make them ideal to function in a harsh environment. As a durable thermoplastic coating, it is excellent for exceeding the requirements for various medical equipment and instruments. Nylon also coats:

* Flange linings
* Medical case brackets
* Drive splines
* Glove box strikers
* Door strikers
* Seat springs

This material also finds application in coating for various clamps and clips for the aerospace and auto industries.

Nylon Powder Coating

If you are considering coating your components with a high quality corrosion resistant material, do consider the properties of nylon in accomplishing this task. It is a suitable material. It is also very environmentally friendly. If you want to be green, yet meet the requirements of a highly demanding environment, consider what a nylon powder coating can accomplish.

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