Noticing the Best Niche Wheels Near You

by | Mar 23, 2015 | Automotive

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The consumer niche wheels market is anything but tiny, and so every day, millions of people across the country find themselves at a loss for how to pinpoint exactly how they should go about identifying the best way to meet their wheel and tire needs.

Ultimately, what it’s going to come down to is the fundamental knowledge you possess about the performance nuances of differently designed wheels. In addition to performance potential, there’s also the matter of how to maintain that performance to the topmost percentile.

The size of the rim, the environment that it will be driven in, the wheel diameter and even the type of metal, will all play a part in creating the way your ride can ride!

Staggered Versus Non-staggered

Whether you’re a single automobile owner or a collector, the performance of your wheels on the pavement is absolutely impossible to disregard. For most of the incurable car enthusiasts out there, the attitude of the car is just as important as the way that it handles – both performance and attitude, style and substance, are things that staggering your wheels can affect.

If you value the feeling of serious grip when you accelerate, then staggered wheels are going to be right up your alley. Having staggered wheels means that you’ll have rear wheels of a different diameter than your front wheels, by as little as one inch, or even as much as four inches in diameter. The diameter of a staggered wheel also necessitates a bigger lip on the car, which some buyers see as an aesthetic bonus.

Staggered wheels can be found on car models such as the Chevy Corvette, the BMW, the Mercedes, the Audi, the Acura NSX, and others. It’s important to note that unless your computer has a system to compensate for the asymmetrical rolling diameter; staggered wheels may not fully coincide with the performance of AWD vehicles. AWD vehicles are primarily designed for the best performance with wheels of equal size all around.

Tempering Your Tire Pressure

No matter what your choices in niche wheels are, chances are that you would greatly appreciate being aware when your tire pressure is in need of an adjustment. It’s hardly imaginable that anyone fantasizes about speeding to the hospital and suddenly being serenaded by the screeching song of their tires’ surface area roughly scraping along the road due to inadequate pressure!

To avoid this immensely unattractive scenario, there are Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensors (TPMS) that can be preprogrammed for any vehicle application that the driver needs. Even if your car model didn’t include TPMS at a factory level, the feature can still be added to your vehicle as an aftermarket solution.

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