Nose Pierces And Nose Rings

Nose piercing is considered subtle way of making a fashion statement. It can add a little flair to your style. While noticeable, it is an understated way of establishing your fashion stance. Depending upon where you pierce it and what type of nose rings or other nasal jewelry you prefer, it creates a striking look.

Nose Piercings

You can get your nose pierced in any of several places. Some individuals prefer one position over another. It depends upon the particular look you are striving for. The most common spots for nasal piercings include the following:

* Nostril – A favored place for piercing it is often called the ala piercing. It can be done in the right or left nostril although some traditions believe the left nostril is indicative of the female

Septum – Often referred to as a Bull nose piercing because it is in that small piece of flesh that lies front and center

* Bridge – This is not as common as either nostril or septum piercings. It is more difficult for a piercer. Although it never penetrates bone or cartilage, it is susceptible to what is called migration. This refers to the body’s rejection of the piercing.

These are the three basic types of nose piercings. There are others that are more complex including:

* Nasallang Piercing (the 3 in 1 industrial of the nose) – This combines piercings of the right and left nostrils with the septum. It requires a professional and experienced piercer to perform this type of piercing

* Vertical Nose Tip Piercing (Rhino) – This does enter the cartilage between the nostrils. It passes through and traverses upwards and exits at the tip of the nose.

Nose Rings and Other Jewelry

Where you get your nose piercing will not only influence the look of your jewelry, it will affect your choice of same. What type of nose rings and other jewelry you will wear depends upon where you get your nose pierced. For example, captive rings or horseshoe rings are the most common types used in Septum piercings. For the more complex nasallang piercing, you may wear a nose ring that is long and straight such as an industrial barbell. A curved barbell nose ring better suits a Rhino piercing.

When it comes to nose piercings, you have your choice of where you want to have it done. It can be a traditional ala piercing or a more complex nasallang or rhino. Yet, remember, that to a large extent, the type of nose piercing you get will determine the nature of the nose rings you can wear. is an established online body jewelry company, it has a wide variety of quality jewelry in the latest styles. To see what we carry, visit us online at

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