Non-traditional Groomsmen Gift Ideas

As your big day approaches, you should have all of your groomsmen picked out and fitted for their suits. If you are lucky, then they have planned a great bachelor party for you and are ready to make sure you get to your wedding on time and coherent. With all your groomsmen do for you, it is traditional to get them a gift as a token of appreciation. These can be anything, but usually follow a common theme of bachelor style gifts. If you need a few ideas for what to get your groomsmen, then read on.

A Shot Glass Set

Shot glasses can be a great gift idea for your groomsmen, but shot glasses alone can be a bit boring. You can really make this a great gift, however, by getting them an engraved shot glass. These shot glasses can be custom engraved, so you can get a different set for each of your groomsmen or get them each a set with everyone’s names engraved on separate glasses. Throw in a small bottle of their choice liquor, and you have a great groomsmen gift.

A Flask and Poker Set

You can see the common theme here. A flask and poker set is another great gift and will usually see use the day of the wedding. Each groomsman can bring his own flask, and someone can bring a deck of cards. A poker set a great way to keep busy during the hours leading up to the ceremony. This is a good idea since wedding venues are not generally known for good cell phone reception.

These are just two ideas for groomsmen gifts, but this should give you a solid place to start. When searching for gifts for your groomsmen be sure to find something they will get to use. The options are limitless, but you should be able to come up with something at least moderately high class, or it should float to the level of the wedding.

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