Need Furnace Air Filters, Find Them in Naperville

Furnace air filters are vitally important. Filters ensure that the air delivered to the rooms in your home is free from dust, pollen, dirt, allergens, and bacteria. To prevent potential problems, it is necessary for you to either clean or change the filter in your furnace on a regular basis.

How a Furnace Works

Typically, a forced-air furnace draws air from the rooms via return air ducts. This air is heated over the furnace heat exchanger. The heated air returns to the home interior through a series of warm air ducts. The furnace continues to run until the temperature reaches that set on the thermostat.

What the Air Filter Does

Furnace filters serve two purposes. The filter cleans the air that has been heated and is being returned to the rooms throughout the house. The filter also protects the blower fan from dust and debris pulled in via the return air duct.

Filter Types

The most common furnace filters in Naperville are made from paper and polyester. They are designed to be disposable and are available in a range of standard sizes and ratings. These filters do a very good job of filtering dirt, allergens, etc. It is recommended that these filters be checked every month for blockage. On average, disposable filters last about three months before they need to be replaced.
There are also disposable filters made from fiberglass. These also come in a host of standard sizes but have lower ratings and are flimsier in construction.

Permanent, reusable filters have a reasonably sturdy frame. This style filter can be cleaned with a vacuum and water.  With proper care and regular cleaning, permanent filters can last up to five years.

Regardless of the type of air filters you are using, it is important they are installed correctly. There is an arrow on the filter indicating the direction of the airflow.

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