Myths About Precision Metal Fabricating Companies

A challenge for many startup companies is in finding the right service providers to contract with to produce parts and components. In specific industries, quality and precision in parts are critical factors, which means choosing a precision metal fabricating shop is a must.

It may also be a wise decision for OEMs who may not have industry requirements and precision standards to still use a precision metal fabricating company rather than a general metal fabricator. Often misunderstandings about what is offered and possible with the precision machining and fabricating services prevent startup companies from considering this option.

Myth: Precision Fabricating Means Additional Costs

The top companies offering precision machining and fabricating services use the latest in equipment and technology for their production. This means decreased production time, less waste and also greater efficiency.

For the OEM, this often lowers the cost of a superior part or component. Additionally, with the choice of precision fabricated parts are easier to install, boosting overall production.

Myth: Precision Fabricating Limits Production Speed

This is another area where the latest in equipment and CNC (computer numeric control) equipment speeds up production and helps to decrease the cost. These systems are highly efficient and can produce top quality parts at speeds higher than manual types of fabrication steps and options.

Myth: High Order Volume Requirements

While it is true that some precision machining and fabrication shops may have minimum volume orders, this is not standard throughout the industry. Most of these companies and services are able to work with an OEM from design through to prototyping and initial production requirements.

They are also able to ramp up production as needed, ensuring the OEM can work with the same precision metal fabricating service on an ongoing basis regardless of the order volume they require.

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