Must Have Tools for Concrete Demolition in Minnesota

Removing unwanted concrete from in or around your home is a time consuming and physically challenging task. Make the job easier by utilizing some or all of the following must have tools for Concrete Demolition in Minnesota.

Demolition Hammer – A demolition hammer, also known as a jackhammer, is a powerful tool that combines the properties of a hammer and a chisel. This tool, that works either pneumatically or electromechanically, easily cuts through concrete, rocks and pavement surfaces. Because of the powerful blows that a demolition hammer delivers, it is one of the best tools for efficiently demolishing concrete and other masonry work.

Concrete Crusher – Hydraulic concrete crushers, also known as smashers or processors, break concrete down into smaller pieces for easier hauling or recycling. Concrete crushers also make the task of removing steel and wire reinforcement from concrete easier by making it more straightforward to access. Certain types of crushers have different jaws that are interchangeable depending on the requirements of the demolition job.

Chipping Hammer – A chipping hammer is a very lightweight handheld tool designed to break concrete on vertical or overhead surfaces. These tools use electric, hydraulic or pneumatic power and have demolition strength directly related to their weight, with heavier chipping hammers being more powerful. The easy and precision handling capabilities of this tool makes it ideal for removing concrete from small, specific and hard to reach areas.

Hydraulic Splitter – A hydraulic splitter, also known as a rock splitter, is a tool that easily breaks up very large blocks of concrete. The tool works by first drilling holes into the concrete and then inserting two wedges into the holes. Next, a hydraulic cylinder in the splitter pushes a central wedge down between the other two wedges, which cause them to separate under extreme force, splitting the concrete in two.

Use these must have tools for Concrete Demolition in Minnesota. These tools help to make the demolition job faster, easier and safer. Save time, money and effort by hiring professionals like Nitti Roll-off and Demolition Services. They have these and other tools and techniques to quickly and efficiently break up and haul away your unwanted concrete.

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