Moving Abroad from Watford

Overseas removals from Watford will usually involve some packing, some transporting and relocating to the chosen destination country. The complexity of the journey toward the relocation is largely dependent on where the customer is moving to. If we take the supposition that the move is intended to go somewhere into Europe, then the plan is going to begin with a trip from the depot to the old house. Then the stuff from the old house is packed up carefully by the removal people—unless the customer already opted to do their own packing—then once the removal lorry is loaded, it will head around the M25 toward Dover and the Channel Tunnel. Once at the other end they will go through French Customs and then head to either somewhere in France, Spain, Portugal or any other part of Europe. The journey could take anything from a few hours to a couple of days, depending on the distance to be traveled.

Further distances become a little more complex in their execution. For instance, if you are planning to move to Asia, Australia, America or anywhere else further afield you will probably need to enlist the services of the moving company for its international services. International removal companies are experts in relocating people around the world quickly and comfortably. Most of them use some kind of sea cargo vessel with shipping containers loaded with the belongings of the people moving home. The containers can take between two and eight weeks to reach their destination and sometimes even more. There is also an option to use part air freight and part sea freight. The customer can choose to send any really important items by air so that they can be delivered to the new home faster, and the furniture or large stuff can be sent by sea to arrive later.

The Faster Option or the Slower option

It all depends on the cost of both options, really. You may choose a combination of both because it is slightly cheaper, or you may decide to use whichever method saves you time and gets your stuff to you faster. Sometimes it is true to say that slow and steady wins the race, just ask the tortoise and the hare.

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