Most Common Problems with Auto Air Conditioning in Ocala

There is nothing worse than getting into your vehicle on a hot summer day and finding out that the air conditioner is not working properly! Trying to make repairs on your own could cause more damage to the vehicle, and thus finding an automotive shop specializing in Auto Air Conditioning in Ocala is the best option. A certified technician is able to easily pinpoint where the problem is and often resolve it the same day. This means no more riding around with the windows down hoping for a cool breeze. Below are a few of the most common air conditioner issues .

Leaking Refrigerant

One of the most common auto air conditioner problems is leaks. When refrigerant starts to leak out through hose connections and seals, it can greatly affect the way the system cools the car. It can be complicated to notice a leak without paying attention to the warning signs. Some indicators might be oil stains or wet spots underneath the car.

If you notice these signs, scheduling an appointment with a technician right away is best. They are able to utilize a special dye to determine where the leak is coming from so that it can be repaired.

Intermittent Cooling

When a vehicle’s air conditioning unit is broken, it can sometimes let off alternating blowing of warm and then cool air. The main cause of this change in air temperature is generally air and moisture within the system. An auto technician will need to utilize special equipment to vacuum the air and moisture from the system.

Horrible Odor

When a driver allows the air conditioner to come on and it begins to blow horrible smelling air, it could be a sign of bacteria present in the evaporator. Allowing the bacteria to sit does not only cause odors, but it also can lead to health problems. Seeking professional help is advisable in this instance.

Having your air conditioning serviced every once in a while by a professional technician for Auto Air Conditioning Ocala is a great way to ensure that the system does not break down when you need it the most. If you notice any of the problems listed above, don’t hesitate to let a pro evaluate and make the necessary repairs.

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