Modern Technology Makes Pipe Repair in Indianapolis, IN Easier

In the past, finding a leak in drainage pipes often proved to be quite difficult. Long stretches of pipe routinely had to be dug up to locate the source of a drain problem. While that is expensive and time consuming when the suspected leak is between the house and street, it can be even more difficult and expensive when a leak is beneath a concrete floor. Today, technology helps area contractors quickly locate leaks and provide quality pipe repair in Indianapolis, IN.

Area plumbing professionals like The Drainman, Inc. (, for example, use pipe video inspection technology to locate problems fast. The system uses a camera that is fed into the pipe. The camera sends a live picture to the operator as it moves through the pipe. When the problem spot is located, the scope of damage can be determined. Using video inspections saves time and money, as the cost of labor and the damage to yards or concrete is minimized.

Of course not all pipe issues are difficult to locate. Burst pipes inside homes are common during cold winter months, and the damage is generally relatively easy to locate. Professional plumbing contractors recommend annual inspections of all plumbing components to locate potential issues before they actually cause problems for area home or business owners. Plumbing experts can identify pipes that may be subject to freeze damage, allowing home or business owners to take precautions before cold weather hits.
Water heaters failing is another issue homeowners face. In many cases, something as simple as a heating element may cause the water heater to quit functioning, but at other times the issues can be more expensive. When the expense of repairing a water heater gets too high, the plumber may recommend replacing the unit. They may also recommend a specific type or size water heater be used as a replacement. Many homes do not have the best water heater installed to meet the family’s needs, and simply replacing a water heater with another one the same type and size is not always the best option.

Whenever pipe repair in Indianapolis, IN or other plumbing repair is required, professionals should be contacted immediately to ensure the problem is quickly and efficiently taken care of. Not only do modern plumbers have the technology needed to find leaks quickly, they have the ability to repair a variety of plumbing problems quickly.

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