Mistakes That Can Threaten the Bond When Using a Bail Bonds Service in Des Moines, IA

A bail bonds service in Des Moines, IA allows a defendant in a criminal case to wait for their court date at home, rather than spending weeks or even months in jail. However, the freedom that comes with posting bail does come with conditions. There are seemingly minor mistakes that can threaten the bond or the entire court case. Below are some of the most common errors that are made by those released on bail.

Not Researching Before Choosing a Bail Bond Agency

Most bail bond agencies are reputable professionals who are dedicated to helping reunite arrested individuals with their families. However, like any other business or industry, there are unscrupulous actors out there, so do a little research before choosing an agency to trust with the freedom of yourself or a family member. See that they are properly licensed and that they have a positive reputation in the community. Whenever possible, go with a bail bond agency that has been established for several years.

Waiting Too Long

While waiting a few days before trying to make bail may not impact a case, it does mean spending more time than necessary in jail. Most bail bondsmen are available 24 hours a day. There are many jurisdictions that have automatic bail amounts for some of the most common charges. Normally, a bail bondsman can secure their client’s release almost immediately, even when someone is arrested in the middle of the night.

Getting Arrested Again

When a defendant is released on bail, the courts usually stipulate that the freedom is contingent on avoiding any further criminal activity. When a person gets arrested again while out on bail, the judge will likely revoke the bail and refuse to release the individual on the new charges. This forces the person to have to wait in jail until both cases are concluded.

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