Meeting With Your New Dentist in Vancouver for the First Time

Sometimes, you might need to find a new dentist for your family. It could be because you moved to a different city or because you need more care than your current dentist provides. Here are a few tips to consider to make the switch as easy as possible.


Before your first appointment with a family dentist in Vancouver, WA, try to have your old records sent to the new office. This will allow the dentist to review any past issues that need to be treated along with learning about why you’re changing to a new office. Most records can be faxed, but you could also request a hard copy so that you have the documents to keep for yourself.


When you get more information about your new family dentist in Vancouver, WA, you want to update your insurance so that the company knows who you’re seeing and how many people in your family will be going. Find out if there are any new co-payments that need to be paid and if the insurance company allows for you to be seen in the office as some dentists might not be in your network.

Oral Health

Let the staff know about any issues that you are aware of or if there are any fears that you have. This information can make your visits a bit more comfortable, especially if you need certain medications before your visits to help you relax. While cleanings twice a year are important, you should also address any cavities, broken teeth, or gum issues that you know about.

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