Measures to Take When Hiring a Carpet Installation Provider in Bedford, NY

Carpet installation is something property owners only deal with infrequently. For this reason, it may be difficult to know how to choose a provider. Make use of the following steps as outlined by Redi-Cut Carpets & Rugs when selecting for great results every time.


Consider the reputation of the company being considered. Reviews help as do recommendations from family and friends. When the carpeting is purchased from a reputable dealer, and the installation is outsourced, ask the dealer who he or she recommends. Never hire an installer that does not come to the home to ensure the proper measurements are obtained, and seam placement and room transitions are accounted for. This should be done before the carpet is cut.


Ask the installer about any warranty offered on the installation. Carpet manufacturers make recommendations on how to install different types of carpeting. Furthermore, industry organizations have set standards for this task, and a reputable installer will adhere to these standards. Power-stretching a carpet helps to reduce wrinkles, for example, but a knee kicker is best for small repairs. A reputable provider knows which tool to use for which job and is more likely to provide a warranty on his or her work.

Hidden Fees

Make certain the contract details all fees the property owner will be expected to pay when it comes to Carpet Installation in Bedford, NY. For instance, one installer may include the cost of moving and replacing the furniture in the bid while another won’t alert the property owner to these fees until they come to complete the job. For this reason, never hire a carpet installation provider without having a written contract in place that outlines every detail of the job.

Before allowing the provider handling the Carpet Installation in Bedford NY to leave the property, be sure to do a walk through and ensure the job meets your expectations. Be aware that volatile organic compounds and odors may linger for up to 72 hours once the carpet has been installed. Additionally, new carpets often shed for a short period, and any sprouting tufts or loops may need to be trimmed. However, if ripples or wrinkles appear in the carpet, the installer needs to be called. He or she might need to re-stretch the carpet to ensure the proper fit. Don’t hesitate to request this service if needed.

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