Maui Historic And Heritage Sites

If you arrive at the Westin Ka’anapali Ocean Resort Villas in Kaanapali, you are near some of the island’s treasured historic sites.  In fact, they are important to not only this island but to Hawaii as a whole. On Maui, you can visit official heritage sites and historically important places. While you may have come to swim, sun bathe and relax, the island’s culture is beckoning.

Two Heritage Sites to Explore

When it comes to important heritage sites, there are two you should consider visiting. These are:

Haleakala National Park: From the dormant volcano Mt. Haleakala to the moonscape valley to subtropical rainforests, this park provides a diversity of landscape and life that is stunning. In fact, this park is renowned for its concentration of endangered species. Hike along the trails or come for the sunrise or sunset. This volcano is one of two responsible for creating this island.

Iao Valley State Park: The Park’s 4,000 acres is home to two important heritage items. One is tangible – the naturally eroded Iao Needle; the other is a battle Site. In 1790, the Maui army met and was defeated by the armed forces of then Hawaiian King Kamehameha I at the Battle of Kepaniwai in 1790. It marks the end of Maui independence and its union with the rest of the islands under Hawaiian rule.

Other Historic Sites Near Westin Ka’anapali Resort

If you plan to leave your condo, from Kaanapali, head towards nearby Lahaina. You can immerse yourself in history by following the Lahaina Historic Trail. Take a walk through history. The Trail includes some 62 markers or plaques indicating significant sites. They look at different eras and cultures of the island’s and Lahaian history. You may well find the Lahaina Jodo Mission both spiritual and historic in nature. It is a Japanese Buddhist Temple with one outstanding feature – the largest statue of Buddha outside of the country of all Asia. You might also want to visit:

  • Buddhist Church of the Shingon Sect
  • Seamen’s Cemetery
  • Wo Hing Museum
  • Aiola Churchyard – where the graves of missionaries rub shoulders with Lahaian Royalty and seafarers
  • Maluuoluole Park
  • Banyan Tree – the largest in the United States, this tree is around 137 years old

Kaanapali is the starting point of what can be a journey into the island’s past. Culture and heritage from different eras in Maui’s time, are there, providing you spend the time and energy to follow the heritage trails and are willing to discover the historic character of this lush, sun drenched island.

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