Material Choices With Aluminum Sheet Brazing

Brazing is one of the best possible options in many industries to create wide variety of parts and assemblies including heat exchanges to radiator tubes. The process of aluminum sheet brazing itself is vastly superior in these applications over the other options of soldering or welding, both which are potentially problematic.

However, the effectiveness of aluminum sheet brazing has a lot to do with the understanding of the materials and how they will interact to form the solid, structurally sound bond that you need. By having experience and expertise with the different brazing alloys it is possible to create the parts required that have the highest tensile strength to stand up to even the most demanding working environments without any decrease in braze performance and integrity.

Choices of Alloys

The choice of aluminum sheet hi-temp brazing alloy that you select is critical depending on the type of part or application you require. For example, if you need aluminum sheet brazing for use in a heat exchanger in a vehicle engine you need to consider several characteristics. You want to use a brazing material that will attach and bond to the part but also to flow smoothly over the irregular surface.

You need the aluminum sheet brazing to be resistant to corrosion based on the coolant or refrigerant that will be circulating through the part. You also want the end product to be incredibly strong but lightweight and allow for maximum heat dispersal by selecting an alloy with a high heat transfer rate.

Type of Process

When completing aluminum sheet brazing it is important to choose the components, as well as the alloy, based on the type of process you will be using to complete the process. If you are using a dip brazing process, which is the most common precision brazing method, or torch brazing, which can be done manually, you will have different considerations as to both alloys as well as processes.

To provide overall protection or parts aluminum sheet brazing is essential and provides a lightweight, durable and highly resistance coating on any parts. It creates a leak-proof surface and seal, perfect for all types of applications even in very demanding applications.

There are many Aluminum Dip Brazing Companies in the market today. Hi-Temp Brazing Inc. is an industry leader, NADCAP accredited for 12 years in all requirements of aluminum dip brazing and related services.

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