Making A Statement With Your Madison, WI Overhead Door

Home renovations and upgrades are a wonderful idea if you are planning to sell your home or if you just want to add curb appeal. Upgrading your home can give it a brand new look, but don’t forget to consider your options to spruce up your old overhead door.

Most of the older styles of Madison, WI homes have an attached garage or at least a garage that faces the street. Upgrading your home with a new front door, new windows and new siding without changing out the overhead door from the seventies or eighties will only leave you with a partially upgraded home.

The good news is that an upgrade to your garage door doesn’t have to be a big item in the budget. It is also not going to require a change of anything but the door and, to make life easier for the entire family, new garage door opener.

Options to Consider

There are amazing designs now available in overhead garage doors. The classic carriage house design is always popular, as is the Cape Cod look or the more traditional panel styles. The can be arched in shape or square, and they can be custom sized to fit your existing door opening.

They are available with or without lites. These are the small panes of glass that can be set in different patterns and styles in the top section of the door. These are designed to allow natural light into the garage and also give an additional touch of style.

Materials in the new overhead door design can include corrosion resistant metals, wood doors, insulated aluminum or steel garage doors. They are all going to offer different colors, styles and designs, and with some manufacturers, you will be able to choose hardware as well.

Look Around

If you are considering an upgrade or renovation to your Madison, WI garage, look for a door company offering garage doors from a number of top manufacturers. This allows you to compare doors from their website and get an idea of the options and choices available.

It is also a great idea to choose a door systems company that is able to complete the installation. While this can be a do-it-yourself project if you have help, getting the door installed correctly will prevent any damage to the door and ensure it is perfectly adjusted and aligned with the first use.

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