Make Your Congregation in Dallas Feel Welcome When They are at Church

When congregation members and visitors arrive at your church, they should feel welcome. A way that you can assure those who walk through the doors that they are wanted in your church is to place mats at each entrance. These will be among the first details that people see and should reflect the messages that you want to deliver.

Larger Feeling

Even if you’re a small establishment, church entrance mats can make your congregation and visitors feel as though they are walking into a large building. Place the mats so that they are centered in front of the entry doors if you’re only using one large one. If you have two doors at an entry, then consider using a mat in front of each one so that the look is balanced.

Custom Designs

The church entrance mats that you purchase can be customized in a variety of ways. They could have the name of your church on them along with the city where you’re located. You might add a logo associated with your church or a Bible verse that has special meaning. Mats can also be customized for special occasions, such as Christmas and Easter.


Sometimes, mats in your church can increase the tithes that are received. When visitors think about the church that stands out to them and where they want to give money, they might remember your church simply because of the design of the mats that you have and the welcoming feeling that they give when they enter.

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