Make the most of your living room with space-saving corner sofas

Chelsea, and London in general, are world leaders when it comes to fashion, and the frequent changes that fashion imposes upon those who follow it. The trends that take place in the furniture market are, perhaps, less spectacular than some of those that occur in the world of clothing and footwear.

There are very few people who could, much less would, go out and replace the contents of their home just because a varnished wood finish is suddenly out of vogue having been replaced by limed oak or subtly distressed pine.

Some trends pass unnoticed and others cause little more than the raising of a disinterested eyebrow. Fashion is something that other people do and, when it goes to excess, we can sit and mock them for it.

Fashion in the world of furniture is different. The factors that drive decisions when selecting new items of furniture are less subjective than those involved when choosing a new dress. Furniture has to work not only for one individual but, usually, for numerous individuals. What may be right for an older person may not be right for a younger family.

It isn’t just people who count in this decision making process either, it is just as important to consider the environment in which the furniture is to be placed.

Some people have large homes with plenty of space to display spectacular pieces of furniture. If this is you then there is no shortage of resplendent items with which to indulge yourself.

For many more of us, however, space is at a premium and we have to consider both the practicality and the appearance of our intended purchase. It is for this reason that one fashion development in furniture design has been warmly welcomed by many. I refer to the practical, space-saving little number known as the corner sofa.

Corner sofas in Chelsea tend to be placed around the edges of a room thereby making more space available in the centre for other things. Their shape enables groups of people to sit together and chat more comfortably than with conventional sofa designs.

If space is at a premium where you live, this is one fashion that you should seriously consider following.

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