Make Event Preparations Easier with Event Hire

A lot of people who host parties, events and corporate gatherings will want to take the reins when it comes to organising everything. Although you might want to be in control, it’s possible to reduce stress by working with an event hire company. Party planners are trained to listen intently to everything that their client wants, therefore you need not worry about your visions being spoiled when you hire help. From the knowledge and experience a party planner maintains to the marketing opportunities, there are multifarious reasons to invest in these services ahead of your next event.

The Capacity

Exclusive hire opportunities may be limited if you require a venue with a very big capacity, especially during busy seasons like summer. This is why you ought to make requests in advance and get an RSVP from everyone you invite to the bash, so that you don’t spend unnecessarily on a function room or marquee that is too big for your party. Aim to find a place that has 25 percent (or more) headroom for the chosen seating style. By doing so, guests will not feel crammed and will have plenty of leg room.

The Location

Public transport might be the only option for some people attending your event, which is why it is wise to find an event venue situated close to trains stations, bus stations and taxi ranks. Consider the needs of everyone who will be driving to the affair also, by searching for a venue that has ample parking facilities. Transport networks are better in some areas than others and so you might be better off renting a marquee if you require flexibility.

The Style

Finally you can move on to the fun part – choosing a style! The style should reflect the type of event you are hosting. For example, a conference or wedding you might think about renting a marquee because it is a visually appealing choice and can be constructed with extras, like lighting, carpeting and a high-quality audio system. Does it reflect the theme that you are going for? If you are a business owner, does the venue represent the product launch or brand in the right way? These are some questions you should ask yourself (and the event hiring specialist) before spending money on these services.

Audio visual equipment, BBQs and synthetic grass can be hired from Harts Premier Hire – a company that can cater to events of all sizes.

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