Looking for Reputable Movers to Help You Relocate in or around Canton Ohio?

There are millions of moves each year around the country. It’s nothing less than a miracle that the majority of moves go over smoothly. Unfortunately, there are times when shady moving practices and mishaps occur.

Moving shouldn’t have to be such a challenging task. Planning ahead and making sure the company has liability insurance and experienced moving professionals can save you a lot of headaches down the road. Just keep these things in mind when looking for reputable movers. Canton, Ohio residents, those moving to and from the city, benefit when taking the time to find the right moving company.

The following tips can help ensure that you hire the riving moving company.

A Reputable Company Will Take a Full Inventory
They will take a full inventory of all your belongings to determine the weight and bulk of the move. The person conducting the inventory should be thorough and overlook nothing. The weight of your belongings and the space they will take up on the truck will largely determine the cost of the move. If there’s a quick walk-through and the estimator is simply glancing at items, the final cost could be off the mark. You should be on hand to tell the estimator what you want to move, and what you plan to throw away.

Pay the Company on Delivery
A reputable company will have you pay on delivery. By paying in advance, you run the risk of never seeing your belongings again. This is not to scare you, but scams do occur.

Make Sure the Moving Company is Reputable
A trustworthy moving company serving Canton, Ohio (or any location for that matter) should be listed by the Better Business Bureau in their location. Check for a local address and if they have the proper insurance and operating licenses. Also check sure to make sure they’re not operating under their real business name. You can also conduct an online search to find out if there are any complaints against the company.

Ask for References
Any reputable company should have a ready list of references. You may also want to check sources like the American Moving and Storage Association to see if they’re on file. If you can’t find any references, you may want to keep looking for the right fit.

Inquire About Additional Fees
Keep in mind that if you’re moving to a two-story house, or on the fifth floor of an apartment building, there may be extra fees to move your belongings. Just make sure you ask the movers about any additional fees well ahead of moving time.

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