Looking For A Wrongful Death Attorney In Topeka, Kansas

It is always difficult to experience the loss of a family member. However, the sadness is compounded when the death is caused by someone’s negligence. If that’s the case, the family may be able to sue to recover damages for their loss. Damages are based several things including the loss of companionship of a loved one. The surviving family members should schedule a consultation with an attorney. The lawyer will explain that wrongful death claims include everything from fatal car accidents to medical malpractice.

The descedant’s estate should be probated as soon as possible. The Executor or Administrator is responsible for filing the wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of the estate. The “parties at interest” to a wrongful death claim are usually immediate relatives. For example, in most states this includes spouses and children. However, some states allow domestic partners, or anyone who was financially dependent on the decedent, to be parties. The Executor or Administrator should retain the services of A Wrongful Death Attorney in Topeka KS. Attorney Jeffrey Jones has years of experience in all sorts of civil litigation.

Wrongful death lawsuits can be brought against a variety of people. For example, in the event of a fatal auto accident, the lawyer may consider suing several people or entities including,

* the negligent driver

* a government agency that did not give sufficient notice of a road hazard

* the persons who sold alcohol to a possibly impaired driver

* the owner of the premises where the alcohol was sold

* the vehicle’s manufacturer

Just recently, a car manufacturer was sued because the tires on many of their vehicles were faulty. The tires caused several accidents and deaths. Wrongful death actions also include malpractice cases involving hospitals. Hospitals can be sued when a patient’s death is caused by an employee’s negligence. This can include anything from giving a patient the wrong medication to abusing a patient. It should be noted that several government agencies may have immunity from wrongful death litigation, including the railroad. If you believe a loved one’s death is the result of neglience, contact A Wrongful Death Attorney in Topeka KS. The attorney will investigate whether there is a case.

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