Local Wines in Santa Barbara, CA Complement California Cuisine

The best way to pair wines with food is to host a guided wine tasting event in your home. One way to mark the festivities is to serve Greek-influenced California cuisine. For example, one of the great foods that goes well with wines is leek patties. Also referred to as prasokeftetha, these small cakes hold such taste-tantalizing ingredients as cottage cheese, feta cheese, and bread crumbs (for texture).

Choosing a White Wine Pairing

This paradisiacal veggie bit should be served with one of the local wines in Santa Barbara, CA of the white variety that matches well with leeks and the tangy, salty feta cheese. A white local wine is also well-suited for a fish from the sea.

Making Red Your Wine Choice

If you are serving haddock that is smothered in tomatoes and garlic with olive oil, red local wines are better selections. Red wines provide just the right amount of fruitiness to flatter this type of dish. You can also use this same type of vino when savoring fish with buttery, crunchy rice.

An Addicting Activity

Once you review the selection of white and red local wines, you will be excited about dining. Pairing wines with meals lends just that much more to their enjoyment. Whether you are eating fish, enjoying a Mexican dish, or indulging in Mediterranean/California-type cuisine, you will find that collecting wines and pairing them with foods can become addicting.

Where to Buy Local White and Red Wines Online

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