Live in One of the Most Desirable Neighborhoods in the West Village

The West Village has been romanticized in literature as well as being an adored location with lively cafes and tree lined streets that are picturesque. You can live in such a desirable location when you look at West Village condos available for lease or purchase. Living in this area of New York also puts you within walking distance of new restaurants and boutiques. The building itself resembles the inspiration of the area in which it is situated. You will be residing in a community that already has strong roots. Enjoy the original façade that seamlessly blends in with the city while living within a solid and high-quality building with a tremendous feel for the beautiful neighborhood that surrounds it.

Indulge in Beautifully Designed Condos

Whether you thoroughly enjoy the view of the carriage house lobby, or you prefer the gorgeous gardens, living in a West Village condo is an absolute joy. Every part of the building from the library to the recreation room and spa has been created with absolute comfort, style and luxury in mind. The entire building has ever elegant design feature you can imagine including burnished brass hardware, solid wood doors, and an oil-rubbed bronze lobby desk. Within the condos you will find painted custom cabinets, mahogany, marble, granite and stone tile all which add the right amount of contrast to bathrooms and kitchens. It’s the precise location where uptown meets downtown. When you’ve entered the atmosphere, you’ll understand the true meaning of beautiful and graceful.

There’s More Than a Nod to the Classic West Village

When it comes to carriage houses, The Shephard is a beautiful restoration with a thoughtful interior platform. You’ll find creative amenities within the building and the use of top technology so every service runs smooth. It’s the perfect personification of luxury brought to a friendlier and warm personal scale. It is immediately understood that you’ve entered an elegant building that’s been restored with much thoughtfulness and professional execution in regards to the design.

It’s the Perfect Blend of Elegance and Charm

Being a long-standing component of the West Village gives an already beautifully restored building the perfect blend of elegance and charm. Now you can live in a building that still retains its beautiful architecture with all of today’s modern technological advances. Such a transformation provides interior and exterior finishes as well as new advanced systems that provide a location that offers sophisticated finishes in a newly upgraded structure.

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