Little Mouths Need a Children’s Dentist in Clifton Park, NY

Going to the dentist can be intimidating even for the most mature adult. For a child, going to the dentist can feel a lot like going to the doctor. Lab coats, bright lights, and the smell of rubbing alcohol the instant you walk in the door seem doctor-like. A pediatric dentist who understands children and their fears can make the experience less traumatic and even fun. Bright colors and a kid friendly waiting area with video games and toys help to relieve some of the fear while waiting for a procedure. Furniture, equipment and tools often need to be downsized to fit into the mouth of a child. You can avoid negative dental experiences by visiting a children’s dentist in Clifton Park, NY.

It is recommended that you start bringing your child in for dental visits around the age of one year. By playing dentist, and reading books about going to the dentist, you can help your child see the upcoming visit as something fun and not scary to do. Capital District Pediatric Dentistry will take a medical history of your child, discuss any concerns and talk about proper dental care with you and your children. In the event of an emergency dental visit, your little one will already be familiar with the facility, the dentist and the staff. This will help to take some of the trauma out of a potentially scary situation. The familiar will be comforting for them.

Going to the dentist has changed considerably in the last 15 years. Offices have become age appropriate for their patients; colorful walls and a bright furniture have replaced the sterile medical facilities. Children no longer have to be separated from their parents and shut behind a closed door with someone they do not know. With special training in pediatric dentistry, the first visit to the dentist can be a pleasant one. A children’s dentist in Clifton Park, NY may have no cavity contests, encouraging the kids to take good care of their teeth. Good grades on report cards are bragging rights for the next visit. Going to the dentist for a lifetime should begin with a positive experience that encourages children to take good care of their teeth into adulthood.

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