Lighting Trends for Spring & Summer 2019

This year’s home interior design projects are relying on lights that Chicago homeowners can find locally. Many individuals will fall in love with the latest lighting trends showing now for Spring and Summer of 2019. Layering lighting effects are increasingly becoming popular with everyday citizens as well as wealthier shoppers. The trick is to select the lighting fixtures carefully, and homeowners should figure out the room or space’s design style before selecting the actual lighting fixtures and accessories. Upgrading a home’s lighting can also save homeowners serious cash if they opt for energy efficient lighting fixtures and bulbs.

Redoing or upgrading a home’s current lighting can be a fun project that doesn’t have to cost a lot of money to pull off. Homeowners can begin by picking small table lamps and various floor lamp styles. Alternately, homeowners can also redo an entire lighting system all at once if their budget permits this. New this year in lighting trends are fabulous statement types of light fixtures. There are some gorgeous new chandeliers that retain the sparkly effect of crystals set against gold or silver metallic fixtures in a smaller scale design. Look for artsy conversation lighting fixture choices like retro-vintage lights Chicago residents are sure to appreciate.

Many homeowners desire to improve their backyard or porch living areas. One easy project is to add some strategic lights Chicago inhabitants can purchase at an area lighting store for showcasing their outdoor features. There are solar powered lights that look fantastic and serve a practical security purpose outside as well. Homeowners that love to garden will find exquisite outdoor lighting options that can highlight their garden’s most intriguing and unique elements. The addition of patio and pool area lights can extend outdoor fun hours after dark. Visit Fox Lighting Galleries for details.

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