Let’s Hear It For A Hot Summer And Shade Tents

In warm climates and on hot summer days, the beating down of the sun can be both wonderful and unbearable. While you may eagerly embrace the chance to be outside, you can find yourself wilting under the blast of those rays. You may want to sit outside in your backyard or on your deck, but find it just too bright. You may want to hold an outdoor event but cringe at the thought of heat stroke affecting your guests. The answer to these problems is a simple – create canopies – put up shade tents.

Characteristics of a Shade Tent

A shade tent is a simple device. It consists of a roof and 4 or more poles and a frame. The roof stretches over the poles to fulfill its purpose. It exists to provide everyone with a place away from the rays of the sun.

Sizes can vary for this type of tent. The canopy tent may be small and portable or be somewhat larger. In general, a canopy shade tent tends to be smaller than larger generic or specialized canopy tents including marquees and party tents. Moreover, since the name of shade canopy is quite generic, you may also find them promoted according to their placement.

Making a Difference

Shade tents can make all the difference on a hot summer or sunny day. They are a protective device. They provide you shelter from harm. They act to provide all its occupants with the chance

  • To escape overexposure to the damaging UV rays from the sun
  • To enjoy the outdoor environment of the beach, garden or other location while ensuring you are not overdoing skin exposure to the sun
  • To avoid the glare of the sun that interferes with your attempts to read or take a nap

With a shade tent, you can enjoy the delight of being outdoors without suffering from many of the associated and potentially detrimental problems of UV overexposure.

If you want to enjoy your backyard or a day at the beach, you can. It is still possible to picnic, play and read without worrying about whether you will burn or suffer from sunstroke. Canopy tents are one very effective means of combining practicality with personal enjoyment. If you are considering spending more time in your own outdoors – whether it is your deck, patio or garden, or want to spend an entire day at the beach listening to the waves, the best affordable, portable and effective protective devices are shade tents.

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