Let Professional Movers in Estero, FL Help Your Move Go Smoothly

More than 35 million Americans move each year according to the latest reports. While major disasters during the moving process are few and far between, most relocations don’t go off without a hitch. No matter how well you plan or how professional your movers in Estero FL may be, something always goes wrong. Certain issues are more common than others, but it’s always wise to consider the advise of those who’ve already had to pick up the pieces.

Forgetting to Move the Internet Service

Having traditional utility services transferred is difficult to forget; after all, water, electricity and heat are necessities. Somehow, though, internet, cable and satellite seem quite a bit simpler to overlook. It’s not an irreversible mistake, but it could lead to certain delays and issues. Not all providers operate in all areas, and technicians aren’t always available for same-day service. Switching service to the new home can be done online or via automated phone service, and it’s best to do this ahead of time to avoid any problems. Speaking to a live representative, though, could lead to some unexpected special offers or discounts.

Losing Power Cords

Power cords tend to magically slither away during a move. Without them, appliances and devices are essentially useless. If possible, consider leaving them attached during transit; otherwise, put each one in a designated and clearly marked Ziploc bag until they reach their destination. Either way, the extra effort could help avoid extra hassle and expense while setting up shop in your new home.

Facing Unexpected Utility Charges

In some cases, service charges apply when having utilities disconnected at a current location. This could easily cause problems when trying to have those utilities connected at a new home. From frustrating delays to expensive deposits and beyond, asking all the right questions is crucial. Be sure no outstanding charges exist with your old utility companies and find out in advance about all the connection fees to come.

Knowledgeable and experienced movers in Estero FL can go a long way toward making sure your transition goes smoothly, but they can’t cover all the bases. Unpleasant surprises are bound to arise. Browse our website to learn more about how the professionals can help iron out some of the wrinkles, and be sure to plan well in advance to fully enjoy your new home right off the bat.

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