Legal Situations that Can Lead to Wage Garnishment

Avoiding the payment of certain items can have a devastating effect on the amount of your pay check. While it is tempting to avoid the legal situations rather than facing them, the consequences can be wreak havoc on your finances. If you run into one of these legal situations, you should face it rather than face the consequences of garnishment.

One of the legal situations that can result in Wage Garnishment is credit card debt. This is one of the legal avenues that a credit card company has to get the money owed on this. While many credit card companies will use this avenue as a last resort, there are some that have this in their collection tool arsenal. Ignoring those overdue notices will not make the debt go away. But there are ways to deal with this before the collection hits this point.

Another legal situation that can result in the garnishment of wages is child support. The court system does not play around with collecting on owed child support. In some cases, jail time is also issued in addition to wages. If the support is taking up too much of your income, it can be adjusted through the court systems with the help of a lawyer. It is often better to face this problem head on rather than ignoring it for too long.

The IRS will also use Wage Garnishment to collect what is owed on taxes. This is usually done as a last resort for an attempt to collect on the debt owed to them. Since companies are required to submit wage information to the IRS, they are aware of your income information. While there are several options, you can take before the Government starts confiscating more of your pay check, letters from the IRS should not be ignored or thrown away.

These are some of the legal issues that can lead to wage garnishment. Unfortunately, ignoring these issues will only make the problems worse. By confronting these situations with the help of a lawyer, it may never get to that point. After all, the income in your pay check is an important part of your finances.

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