Learning More About Catering In Fort Wayne, IN

Are you having a big event at Classic Cafe Inc? If so, here are a few tips for hiring a caterer. Event planners say it is important for a caterer to care about all aspects of an event.

Where To Start

It is a good idea to ask friends and family for recommendations about Catering in Fort Wayne IN. Likewise, ask someone about the caterer at the last memorable event you attended. Of course, many event facilities demand that clients use preferred caterers.

Knowing The Venue

Preferably, one should use a caterer familiar with the venue. For example, it would be a faux pas for a caterer to serve barbecue at a historical mansion. Further, many venues have restrictions on what food is served and how the venue is cleaned.

Get Everything In Writing

A meeting of the minds should take place before Catering in Fort Wayne IN. The parties need to work out a detailed contract. The contract should include the menu, number of guests and staff, and pricing. Make sure the contract protects the caterer and the client.

It is important for the client to pay. However, the client should be protected if the caterer is not up to par. In addition, clients must get it in writing if they want the leftovers. Normally, caterers take them away.

Tasting Is Everything

Do not work with a caterer that will not provide a tasting. That is the only way to select menu items and learn about the chef’s skills. Some event planners recommend pairing wine with the food for the tasting. Moreover, the client should pay attention to how the food is presented.
The caterer should offer attractive substitutes for guests with special diets. Indeed, a vegan should get a little more than an ordinary vegetable plate.

Caterers Should Be Insured

There can be accidents and the caterer should be responsible if their staff is involved. Remember, any reputable company should have insurance. Do you want to pay if there is a fire in the kitchen?

Finally, clients should make sure the caterer’s staff is experienced. It is perfectly acceptable to ask about the chef’s background. Likewise, the bartender should have experience mixing drinks. Follow these suggestions, and your event will be a huge success.

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