Learn the Fine Art of Phlebotomy

If you are interested in getting into the medical field, consider a career in Phlebotomy. You can take courses that will help you understand how to responsibly draw blood and handle samples. There is a lot involved when it comes to being able to draw blood. You need to understand how to select the proper vein, how to insert a needle, and successfully draw blood. All of this can be learned when you take Phlebotomy courses in Brooklyn.

Earn a Certificate as a Phlebotomist

When you finish your training and courses for phlebotomy you can earn a certificate that allows you to work in the medical field. You will learn methods that allow you to draw blood using the venipuncture method. This includes learning which size of needle to use for a certain sized vein. When a vein has been picked, careful insertion of the needle allows blood to be drawn to obtain the correct amount needed for testing. You will need special training in order to be able to draw blood from patients and be skilled enough to draw it from many different veins since some patients suffer from collapsible or delicate veins such as the elderly and infants.

Job Placement Is Essential

Phlebotomists work in many different places including nursing homes, hospitals, clinics and doctor’s offices. The school you choose to start earning a degree from can also help you find job placement. The importance of a phlebotomist is to draw blood as directed by a doctor so an illness can be determined. Drawing blood and having it tested not only helps detect illnesses, it also helps give answers concerning what type of medication would be helpful depending on the person’s blood type and the information found within the cells.

Become a Part of One of the Fastest Growing Industries

The medical industry is growing in a vast manner. With such growth comes the potential for many jobs, including phlebotomy. Serious learning facilities will put you through extensive training taught by experienced instructors that are knowledgeable in the industry. When you get the chance to learn in fully-equipped laboratories and enjoy hands on training, you are ensured a quality education that will aid you in finding a job you will love. Just make sure that the courses you are taking include OSHA and HIPAA training that will have you ready to work as a phlebotomist as soon as you graduate. There are also schools that offer internships that will help you step into your new profession with ease.

Bramson ORT College offers phlebotomy courses in Brooklyn. When you are ready to enter into the medical profession, contact them to enroll in classes today.

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