Learn More About Partial Dentures in Kahului

When a person is missing some of their natural teeth, it can be difficult to properly chew food or feel comfortable in their appearance. Fortunately, the dentist can help by providing patients with Partial Dentures in Kahului. Partial dentures work much like full plate dentures, allowing patients to regain their smiles and feel more confident. This restores the ability to eat a wide variety of foods so patients can enjoy eating again.

A Partial Denture is made up of a base that resembles gum tissue so the teeth blend in naturally with your smile. Partials can be made in varying sizes, and are typically custom made for your particular needs. To make a partial that will fit properly, impressions are first made of your teeth.

Impressions allow the dental lab to properly create your partial. This ensures the plate will fit snugly in your smile so all missing teeth are replaced. Once your partial has been created in the dental lab, the dentist will bring you in for a fitting. The fitting allows the dentist to make sure your partial fits properly. During this time, any adjustments in size and shape can be made for a perfect fit.

Your partial will likely have metal components that allow it to be secured to your natural teeth. This helps to ensure the partial will stay in place while you chew your food or talk. This prevents any embarrassing slips and allows for a completely natural look to your smile.

Partials are important for keeping your natural teeth from shifting from their ideal position. Partials can be removed whenever needed so they do not interfere with your oral hygiene requirements. This ensures your mouth stays healthy and strong.

If you are missing some of your natural teeth, you may want to consider getting Partial Dentures in Kahului. By visiting the dentist for a consultation, you can learn more about your denture options and which one will best benefit your needs.

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